How A Wife Swap Improved Our Marriage And How Where You Can find One

We’ve been married for 9 years and I love my wife with all my heart, and when we married I meant every word of our vows. I promised to “forsake all others”. The problem was, I couldn’t.. and I was miserable. Things came to a head when she found a link to wife sharing on my computer and asked what the hell I was doing looking at it. I told her, I explained.. and to her credit, she listened. I told her how wife sharing was a huge fantasy of mine, and how I’d enjoyed group sex before I met her. I was so surprised when she asked me questions, and didn’t judge me and I felt able to truly be open with her about my need to share my wife.

She was honest with me, too. She told me how she found our sex life stale, and felt something missing but didn’t really know what. We talked about how strong our love is for each other, and we agreed that sex is something different, and not necessarily a threat. We looked at some of the sites reviewed on together, and we talked.. a lot. We began incorportating sexy spoken wife swapping fantasies into our love-making and we had some of the best sex we’d ever had, hell, just talking about seeing a stranger bang my wife was enough to get me harder than I thought possible. She spent more and more time reading profiles and chatting with people on the swinger sites, especially adultfriendfinder and I couldn’t stop thinking about sharing my wife for real, making that leap from fantasy and chat into a real life scenario.

She was chatting with a younger guy quite a lot and I asked for his email, which she gave me. I sent him a message, “Please bang my wife? Please meet us and give her the time of her life? We want to take the idea of a wife share fantasy to the next level.” Well, he messaged me back almost instantly, asking if I was for real, telling me how he would love to, how much he wanted her and how hot she was. I saw her in a new light, as a desireable, sexy woman, and I told her what we had discussed.. we had sex right there with her skype-ing the new guy.. she loved how we were talking about her.. me and this guy.. like she was just there to please us. The tension was incredible.

So, he was the first of many. We wife swap regularly with guys who love to bang my wife, and we are closer now than ever before.. we have a whole new level of trust and intimacy and a truly amazing sex life. She has lost 10lb, and I started going to the gym again myself. We love life, we love our marriage, we love our tight-knit circle of cock-buddies, we love wife sharing and we cannot thank enough for bring us the amazing hangouts where we meet people up for this incredibly filthy, stimulating scenario.